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BLOG: Why the YBN National Championship is Important

05/22/2017, 3:45pm CDT
By Gil Vieira

The Youth Baseball Network (YBN) National Championship is a unique invitational tournament. It features the 12U National Champions of several major amateur baseball organizations and is held every August in family-friendly Branson, Missouri.  

The 2017 YBN Championship will be the third and most important to date, as multiple games will be produced and streamed live by YBN and the Amateur Sports Broadcasting Network (  In addition, the Finals will be distributed to millions of TVs, nationwide.

For those unfamiliar with the Youth Baseball Industry, YBN and its National Championship will help you better understand its structure.  It also provides the majority of America’s youth playing baseball with a national tournament on television in which to strive to participate. 

So, why is this Championship so important?  Let me explain…

First, providing additional exposure for baseball can only help the industry. For a number of reasons, which we’ll get into in other blogs, youth baseball participation has declined in recent years. Therefore, showcasing the fun, comradery and team concept baseball offers our youth via the Internet and television is important to the game’s future.

Secondly, the youth baseball game has changed in recent years.  New rules and field dimensions for the 12U age division (called 50-70 baseball), which are not used in the Little League World Series, are utilized in the YBN National Championship. YBN believes these rules and features will not only provide a better (and more fun) game, it will also increase interest in youth baseball, nationwide.

And, lastly, America needs to understand that there are numerous amateur baseball organizations involved in youth baseball – and it’s time to promote ALL brands assisting our young players. We also need to ensure that the players in these organizations also have an opportunity to play in a nationally televised tournament to showcase their talent, as do those playing Little League Baseball and in their World Series. 

During the development of Youth Baseball Network and its National Championship, I’ve been surprised as to how many people didn’t realize youth baseball consisted of multiple organizations.  Little League, while a great organization instrumental in building youth baseball over the years and the largest brand, is approximately 28% of the youth baseball market. The organizations YBN has invited to participate in the YBN National Championship represent over 60% of the market.

Bringing the Youth Baseball Industry Together™ is the goal of Youth Baseball Network – and why the YBN National Championship is important to America’s youth and the entire Baseball Industry.


For more information about the organizations participating in the YBN National Championship, visit:

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