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To meet the YBN mission of becoming a trusted brand and indispensable source – and to promote, encourage, and assist the ongoing development of Youth Baseball; it’s important for YBN to build mutually beneficial marketing partnerships with key companies in the Baseball Industry - and with companies interested in reaching the grassroots of baseball and its family demographic.

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YBN Distributed Vertical Media ~ Benefits Marketing Partners
YBN – a distributed vertical media company – will effectively bridge unique digital “voices” representing the best content in each category relevant to the Youth Baseball Industry and will offer its marketing partners truly unprecedented quality reach through a single brand advertising platform.  As a result, YBN will become the largest and most-targeted online reach for the Youth Baseball Industry in the country.

YBN – Not Your Typical Network
By combining our own family of YBN sites with hundreds and possibly thousands of other sites (there are over 500,000 youth baseball teams in the U.S.), YBN will create a “Distributed Network” model that leverages content, audience, and traffic for the mutual benefit of YBN and our marketing partners. 

YBN will assist our Marketing Partners as follows:

  • Driving revenue
  • Brand building
  • Reach the Grassroots of Baseball 
  • Provide national exposure via multiple YBN mediums, including the YBN Video Center
  • Be an “official product” of YBN and its YBN National Championship
  • National TV exposure (planned for YBN National Championship)
  • Provide YBNewswire service for press releases
  • And much more!