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Youth Baseball Network is proud and honored to be partnering with several major organizations in the Youth Baseball Industry.

In 2017, the following organizations will be participating in the prestigious YBN National Championship in Branson, MO.  Each organization’s 12U World Series Champion will gain a paid berth to the YBN Championship.

YBN is committed to Bringing the Youth Baseball Industry Together™.  Our partners are helping YBN fulfill that objective.

To learn more about each organization, click on their logo.

American Amateur Baseball Congress (AABC) strives to enlarge and advance the scope of amateur baseball by stimulating interest and competition and to provide a sound, experienced organization to assist and educate local groups in obtaining the maximum health and citizenship values.

AABC is based in Farmington, New Mexico and has been organizing amateur baseball since it was founded in Chicago in March 1935.  Its first national tournament was held in Dayton, Ohio in September that year, when only 10 states were a part of the organization

AABC conducts state, regional, and national competition in 12 age divisions and believes in local autonomy by allowing organizations to have their own local rules through the state levels. They can bat as many players as they want, have time limits, re-entry, and inning limits to meet local conditions. When post season arrives, all teams and tournaments must then conform to nationals rules.

AABC has one of the largest contingents of Major League players, and annually selects their graduate of the year. Annual recipients have included Ron Cey, Don Sutton, Rick Burleson, Eddie Murray, Ozzie Smith, Ken Griffey Jr., Derek Jeter, Mark Mulder, Roy Holliday, and many others.

The Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) is one of the largest non-profit, volunteer sports organizations in the United States.  A multisport organization, the AAU is dedicated exclusively to the promotion and development of amateur sports and physical fitness programs.

AAU Baseball was established in 1983 to provide an additional national level of competition for teams, players, and coaches whom otherwise might not have that opportunity.  Independent teams and teams affiliated with other baseball organizations are welcome to participate in AAU District and National Championships.

Beginning in 2001, AAU Baseball began to offer more divisions of play to accommodate players of all skill levels and ages, as well as many different types of teams.  Annually, over 700 teams, representing the 56 AAU Districts, compete in AAU Baseball Championships. 

The Continental Amateur Baseball Association (CABA) launched the initial season in 1984. Ron Golden and Roger Tremaine had the vision of starting a new more user-friendly youth baseball organization that would provide more teams the opportunity to participate at the national level. As the new kid on the block at that time, it was incumbent upon them to develop a program that would offer real alternatives, so the C.A.B.A. was the innovator in providing national level events for single age levels 9-18.

In addition, the C.A.B.A. initiated round robin play leading to a double elimination championship bracket. These seem almost standard procedure in today’s youth baseball world, but in 1984, it was a revolution! Since that time, many thousands of teams from virtually every state, along with Puerto Rico, Panama, Guam, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Brazil and the Dominican Republic have participated in C.A.B.A. World Series events.

In addition, hundreds of players that have since gone on to play at the professional level have played in C.A.B.A. World Series events, including C.A.B.A. Graduates of the Year such as Alex Rodriguez and Todd Helton.

Dixie Youth Baseball (DYB) was founded in 1955 in Charleston, South Carolina and provides programs for five age divisions, including twelve and under players. 

DYB tournament play begins at the district level.  District champions compete in state tournaments and the state champions advance to the Dixie Youth World Series in all five age divisions.

Dixie Youth Baseball is 501(c)(3) non-profit and is administered by unpaid volunteers at the district, state and national levels.  DYB promotes the development of strong character, a right attitude and a sense of responsibility and citizenship in youngsters, using the game of baseball as a vehicle.  It is the purpose of Dixie Youth Baseball to achieve this goal through fair play, good sportsmanship and congenial fellowship, with adult leaders providing the example.

 DYB’s national office is located in Marshall, Texas and administered by the Commissioner of Dixie Youth Baseball.  DYB has franchised leagues in 11 states under the direction of a state director and leagues are assigned to districts within each state under the direction of a District Director.

Dizzy Dean Baseball, Inc. is a non-profit youth Baseball/Softball organization whose mission is to provide a recreation outlet for as many youth as possible regardless of sex, religion, race or color. 

The main purpose of this program is to provide youth ages five (5) through nineteen (19) years of age, a fair and equal community based baseball and/or softball program.  Our goal is to instill in our youth the ideas of good sportsmanship, honesty, discipline and a sense of teamwork so that they may become strong, healthy, well-adjusted members of their community. 

Jay Hannah “Dizzy” Dean was always interested in youth baseball and the development of youth. Dizzy Dean Baseball, Inc. is a front-runner in youth baseball and softball and our intentions are to honor Dizzy Dean by associating his name with a recognized leader in the field of youth baseball and softball.

First organized in 1977 Dizzy Dean Baseball, Inc. has grown to a multi-state youth based organization.  The rules of Dizzy Dean Baseball Inc. are designed with emphasis on local league play, rather than tournament play.  However, we do offer State and World Series tournaments for leagues wishing to participate. There is no such thing as "one size fits all." Every community has their own specific needs.

With this in mind, Dizzy Dean Baseball/Softball allows individual parks to modify their regular season playing rules to better fit the needs of their youth, as long as the overall intent of the rules is not violated (particularly pitching rules).

The National Amateur Baseball Federation (NABF) was established at an organizational meeting in Louisville, Kentucky in 1914, and is the oldest continually operated national baseball organization in the country.  In 1914, the NABF served only one age group, the Major Division (unlimited age). Presently, fourteen age groups are now available to the NABF franchised member organizations.

The NABF is a nonprofit organization run by a number of Officers and Directors from all parts of the United States. These volunteers help keep the organization running smoothly, as regional and national championship tournaments are held coast to coast. NABF hosts over 50 regional tournaments, plus eight national championship tournaments, throughout the year.  

Since its beginning, over 90-years ago, in times of peace and prosperity - depression and recession - two world wars and several military conflicts; the NABF has operated continuously through volunteers, providing the on-field excitement of our national game.