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Ballparks of America: FAQ

What is the check-in procedure for suites?

We have a registration desk in Building 9 where teams can check-in and receive their keys along with information on facility rules and emergency procedures.

What do players need to bring for their stay?

Players and coaches must provide their own linens for an XL twin bed or a sleeping bag. Pillows and towels must also be provided. We encourage teams to bring a gaming console (including HDMI cables) for the provided HDTV.Bathroom footwear is also encouraged.

Do suites have Wifi for phones and other devices?

Yes, there is Wifi in the suites.

What type of on-site security exists – especially at night?

Ballparks of America is staffed 24 hours to ensure the safety of our guests. Additionally, team suites have key card access at two separate points of entry. Coaches chaperone their teams, bunking in semi-private areas of each team suite for added security.We are currently reviewing our overall needs as it pertains to 3rd party security services.

Do suites provide a place for valuables when suite is not occupied?

There are no safes in the suites, but each player has an open locker and suites have key card access at two separate points of entry.

Other than coaches and players, who has access to a team’s suite?

Our Director of Security and any 3rd party security services have a master key in case emergency access to the suites is required.

If there’s a female on the team, where does she reside?

With the availability of private bathrooms and showers, girls are allowed to stay with their teams if they prefer. Otherwise, girls can stay in a separate girls’ suite with girls from other teams as long as a female chaperone

May players’ come-and-go from suite as they please?

Each Coach on the roster is responsible for the safety of players and must know their whereabouts at all times. Coaches must be in visual and verbal contact with their team members at all times. Individual players are not to wander around Ballparks of America without supervision.

May parents visit suites?

Suites are for players and coaches only.We allow parents to visit the suites until registration is closed.

Are suites cleaned daily?

Teams are responsible for the care of their team suites.We empty trash and clean the bathrooms during their stay.Teams are required to sign a damage deposit waiver to protect Ballparks of America.

What time are lights-out?

We recommend lights out at 10:30 p.m.

Does a coach stay in the same room as players?

Yes, coaches stay in the suites with their players and are responsible for the whereabouts of the players at all times when they are at Ballparks of America.

Do coaches have separate living quarters?

Coaches are in a semi-private area within the team suites.

What type of medical attention is available?

We do not provide on-site medical personnel, but we have an emergency procedures manual and app available to download.Tournament operators provide first aid kits.

What type of liability insurance does complex carry?

We provide liability insurance consistent with what is required by the City of Branson per our First Amended Lease dated October 13th, 2015.