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Online Advertising: 2019



Ad Sizes and Specs

  • Leaderboard:  728 x 90 pixels (Flash, GIF, JPEG – File size limit: 25K)
  • Box: 300 x 250 pixels. (HTML, Flash and Java – File size limit: 28K)
  •  Skyscraper: 160 x 600 pixels. (Flash, GIF, JPEG – File size limit: 25K)

Ad Information

  • Leaderboard ad is a prime location
    • Ad is visible on ALL YBN pages
    • Lock in weeks ASAP
  • Box and Skyscraper ads
    • Ads rotated at YBN discretion
    • Specific page request honored, if available
  • Rates and insertions through December 2019

Rates & Frequency

  • Ad rates are per insertion
    • CPM and CPC rates are not yet available
    • Discount rates for consecutive-week insertions
  • Leaderboard
    • 4x – 13x Rates
    • Contact YBN for Rates
  • Box & Skyscraper (consecutive weekly insertions)
    • 13x – 26x – 52x Rates
    • Contact YBN for Rates
    • Note: If  no Leaderboard ad scheduled for the week, your leaderboard ad will be in line for insertion @ n/c (rotated by length and date of commitment)

Payment Terms

  • 4x and 13x rate: Payable in advance
  • 26x rate: 50% down, balance Net 60
  • 52x rate: 50% down, balance Net 90

For More Information Contact:

Advertising Policy

YBN does not allow the advertisement of alcohol and tobacco products, or any advertisements containing nudity, pornography, or others suggestive adult themes in conjunction with its properties. We reserve the right to deny any advertisement of products, goods or services we feel is contradictory to the aims and goals of YBN.