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2017 Streaming & TV Advertising


After two successful years, the Youth Baseball Network National Championship™ is preparing for its next phase of development, which will make the YBN National Championship in Branson, MO the premier youth baseball tournament in America.

The key strategy of Youth Baseball Network (YBN) and is its new partnership with Amateur Sports Broadcasting Network (ASBN).

ASBN is a broadcast media services organization dedicated to amateur sports. Since 2010, ASBN has been pioneering the broadcasting of amateur sports and has added numerous capabilities, services and packages to better serve its clients, partners and viewers. ASBN believes deeply that amateur sports are the backbone of communities across the country.

For pricing see contacts below.

Games & Distribution

  • 11-12 games will be streamed live on YBN and ASBN

  • Live streaming via YBN and ASBN websites
  • National TV distribution to millions of TVs via ASBN distribution network

  • Ask about “Road to Branson” games

Live Streaming Ads

  • On-air Reads

  • Screen Bugs

  • Ad spots

  • Multiple game discounts

  • Does not include national TV games

National TV Promos

  • On-Air Reads: Heard on both live streaming and National TV
  • Screen ‘Bugs’: Seen on both streaming and National TV